Brand : Medline

A high performance range of thermocyclers with PCR technology designed for the 21st century. The combination of high specification engineering and superior system control enables powerful, fast ramping, stable temperature control with a high level of system reliability. The 'touch sensitive’ key control with LCD digital display and the universal blocks for 0.2 ml and 0.5 ml tubes result in unique ease of use. Various interchangeable blocks are available for all Medline thermocyclers.

ASME BPVC 2021 codes

ANSI standards


Thermocycler-Shaker for Microtubes
Designed for simultaneous heating and cooling and mixing of small samples. Accurate control and display time, temperature and shaking speed. Over heating protection device ensures safety and reliability. Temperature can be calibrated to meet user’s needs. Low noise working even under speeds up to 1,500rpm. Interchangeable platforms for different microtubes.


Thermocycler-Dry Bath Incubator
Precise microprocessor control. Temperature and time control with LCD digital displayed. Control of the time of temperature-control. Reliable design with inner extra temperature protection. Easy replacement, cleaning and disinfecting of metal modules. Buzzer alarm at the end of temperature duration.


Thermocycler-Shaker for Microtubes

Thermocycler-Dry Bath Incubator


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