Electric Aspirators

Electric Aspirators

Brand : Medline

The VE-11 aspirator creates a vacuum using an aspirator pump that is dependent on the vapor pressure of water, a function of temperature. Ideal for rotary vacuum evaporators, decompressing distillatories, vacuum dryers, and vacuum filtering units.


Electrical Aspirator Pumps


  • Built-in circulating pump and water tank makes this unit poratable and eliminates water waste.
  • Circulating pump continuouslt forces water quietly across a set of aspirators, and therefore clean and efficient.
  • Included (2) metal aspirators to create a vacuum with a built-in check valve to prevent backflow of water into the aspirator pump.
  • Submerged parts; type 304 stainless steel, polyporpylene silicone, and nickle coating brasss.
  • Tank features a drain port and spigot for easy water changes.
  • Unlike other vacuum pumps the VE-11 can suck little bit of solvent (water)

Included accessories

  • Tank/ Aspirating pump/ Tank closure
  • Two aspirators
  • Two dia. 6mm(0.02") silicone rubber tube 20cm (0.7ft) in length and an additional dia. 6mm (0.02") silicone rubber tube 100 cm (8.3ft) in length.

Optional Accessories

  • Vacuum gauge/regulator: to monitor and control the vacuum pressure (between 0.0267~0.0998MPa/7.9~29.5 Hg)
  • Cooling coil: to prevent vacuum from decreasing due to temperature increase.
  • Aspiraotrs: nickel-coated brass, with inner ball, and check valve to prevent backflow of water.

Rotary Vacuum Pump


  • Rotary vacuum pump equipped with direct connect oil seal prevents air reflux, essentially used woth vacuum ovens to achieve a higher level of vacuum pressure.
  • Oil mist trap, an optional feature, prevents oil in-flow.


Electrical Aspirator Pumps

Rotary Vacuum Pumps


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