Load Cells

GCC Scientific Instruments - Truck Scale Load Cells

A load cell is basically a device used to convert a force of significant bearing into an electrical signal.

These load cells come in various forms and iterations designed for a wide range of purposes. Commonly used in various mechanical industries, truck scale load cells are specially designed load cells for use in vehicle weighbridges.

With complex mechanical and electrical designs housed in solidly crafted metallic casings, our GCC approved Truck Scale Load Cells will be able to more than adequately fit all of your needs and requirements.

The one of its kinds mechanical design embedded within each load cell is more than capable of counterbalancing mechanical movement and expansion or contraction caused by heat. The combination of specially chosen material and geometrical properties are able to provide quality rolling features, high restoration forces and durable maintenance-free usage.

These mechanical load cells are able to withstand large amounts of force, with the height and shape of the cell itself being able to remain constant over various stages of loading and weights. Truck scale load cells are renowned for their unparalleled durability, stability and capabilities in enabling industrial worksites of all kinds to function efficiently and smoothly.

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