Weight Indicator Combics EX

Weight Indicator Combics EX

Brand : Sartorius

  • Indicator for use in Zones 1,2 (explosive gasses) and Zones 20, 21, 22 (explosive dusts)
  • For use with filling options "Basic" (H3) and "Plus" (H4) (automatically one-component filling).
  • 2 data interfaces as standard (1xRS232, 1x RS232, RS422, RS485 selectable by software)
  • Verifiable class III,IIII
  • Interface solutions for analogue output 4-20mA and Profibus DP


The explosion-protected indicators of the Combics 3 series from Sartorius are ideally suited for use in hazardous areas where explosive gas and dust mixtures occur (Zones 1 and 21).

The many possibilities for combining Combics 3 explosionprotected equipment is characteristic of today's flexibility. You can have a complete weighing solution in stainless steel with Combics explosion-protected platforms (standard capacities up to 3 t). If you need a precision platform with high accuracy along with your high-capacity platform, you can connect an additional digital platform to the Combics 3 display and control unit. An even broader field of weighing applications is opened up by the seamless integration options for the entire range of load cells from Sartorius. The Ex approval rating on Combics indicators is extended to all components. This lets you take advantage of the full performance potential of the Combics' built-in A/D converter.

Documents verifying intrinsic safety are included with your explosion-protected Combics 3 indicator to make your system configuration simpler and more economical.

The Combics data interfaces with upgradeable modules ensure future-proof capabilities for documentation, data transmission and networking. The flexibility of the Combics 3 indicator includes the power supply options as well. Simply choose the basic indicator model you need and use the power supply that best suits conditions in your premises at any given time. You can use a 110 to 230 V power supply located inside or outside the hazardous area or opt for a 24- V industrial module for 19" installation in a control panel. An external battery pack is also available for mobile operation.

Thanks to the application programs integrated into the explosion-protected Combics 3 indicator, you can upgrade or configure your indicator's functionality at any time, depending on the tasks at hand. Use Combics 3 as a simple weight indicator for platforms and weigh cells with all the benefits of convenient operation and configuration and the excellent readability of its backlit graphical display, or as a sophisticated terminal with application programs, such as checkweighing, classification or filling. And Combics 3 is bus-capable, for trouble-free integration into a higher-order process control system.

Combics 3 Ex from Sartorius: the "brains" behind all your weighing operations. It works hard for you, where you need it most.



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