Brand : Sartorius

Careful acquisition of weighing data and associated parameters is one of the most important criteria in mass metrology. Sartorius offers various flexible software solutions for the administration and controlling of comparators, climate stations, weights and other mass metrology equipment.


Application software for mass metrology YPR02C

This software permits determination of the differences between two masses as well as determination of absolute masses or apparent masses (conventional mass), allowing for air buoyancy errors. It is designed for automatic logging of data transmitted by Sartorius mass comparators and for control of automatic mass comparators with a load alternator. Using in conjunction with a Sartorius climate station, YPR02C is suitable for continuous climate data recording.

SartoCollect, software for data communication with the PC

The standard data communications software for Sartorius instruments (balances/scales, moisture analyzer and pH-meter). Connecting cable must be ordered separately.


  • Data transfer into a PC
  • Direct data integration in MS EXCEL, WORD, ACCESS or an ASCII file
  • Keyboard emulation (wedge function) for data integration in an active application (e.g. SAP or LIMS system)
  • Direct interface to database applications (e.g. SQL server)
  • Instruments (manufacturer independent) can be connected via RS232, RS422, RS485, Bluetooth, or TCP/IP.
  • Integrated VBA Script Editor for advanced applications
  • Up to 99 instruments can be connected/operated at the same time and the data can be transferred into one EXCEL sheet
  • Integrated instrument library with preconfigured instruments (manufacturer independent)
  • Easy "Step by Step" configuration
  • Finished configurations are stored as methods and are easy and fast accessible
  • 7 languages are available (ge, en, it, fr, es, ru, jp)

ScalesNet-M basic module YSN03C



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