Viva Spec

Viva Spec

Brand : Sartorius

UV-VIS spectrophotometer family is designed for fast and hassle-free measurements. The user-friendly software leads you through the programming steps. Measurements are done in a few seconds and documented according to your needs.


Some Features

Single beam spectrophotometer. Measurement of single and multiple wavelengths. Concentration calculation. Scan within two user defined wavelengths (from 200 nm to 900 nm) with automatic peak detection. Generation of calibration curves. Kinetic measurements


The VivaSpec LS is a dedicated instrument for Life Science applications. The preprogrammed methods can be used for:
– Nucleic acid quantifi cation and purity control
– Protein assays: Bradford, Lowry, BCA, Biuret, direct UV measurements
– Cell density (OD600)
– Simple absorption measurements

For all these methods the calculation of the results is performed automatically taking dilution factors into consideration.
In addition to the Life Science applications the VivaSpec and VivaSpec+ instruments offer the ability to create your own assays which can be stored in password protected folders.


The following testing methods can be applied:
– Measurement of single and multiple wavelengths
– Concentration calculation
– Scan within two user defi ned wavelengths (from 200 nm to 900 nm) with automatic peak detection
– Generation of calibration curves
– Kinetic measurements
All versions use a maintanance-free longlife Xenon lamp as light source, a large graphical display and a USB port forconnection to a PC. The required softwareis already included. Optional accessoriesare printer, SD card reader or a Bluetooth® module, all of them available either pre-installed or separately.

For measurements in the microliter range (0.7 μl to 5 μl), the Hellma TrayCell offers a sophisticated solution. Having the identical dimensions of a standard cell it can be inserted in the cuvette holder. During all steps the cell remains
in the photometer for reliable results.


Wavelength range  190–1100 nm
Spectral bandwidth 5 nm (3 nm VivaSpec+)
Wavelength accuracy ± 2 nm
Wavelength reproducibility ± 1 nm
Light source Xenon lamp
Beam height 15 mm
 Detector 1024 CCD Array
Photometric range  –0.3 to 2.5 A
Photometric reproducibility ± 0.003 A (0 to 0.5 A),
± 0.007 A (0.5 –1.0 A)
Dimensions (W + D + H) 260 + 390 + 100 mm
Weight < 4.5 kg
Power input 90–250 V, 50|60 Hz



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