Labsonic P

Labsonic P

Brand : Sartorius

Ultrasonic homogenisers are used to generate emulsions or dispersions. In addition, microorganisms or cells from tissue culture can be disrupted for isolation of DNA, RNA or proteins. Ultrasound can also break DNA into smaller randomised pieces.


Some Features

Sonication of larger samples. Selectable amplitude and active cycle. Self-optimization of energy output. Samples can be treated in batches or in continuous flow.


Ultrasonic homogenisers LABSONIC M and LABSONIC P are compact laboratory instruments that combine power supply, generator, controller and transducer all in one unit - a worldwide unique concept that helps saving valuable bench space. The sonication amplitude can be set between 20 % and 100 % of the nominal power. In addition, the active period within one second can be set between 0,2 sec and 1,0 sec (="" continuous action). This helps to prevent heating or foaming problems. Sonotrodes are made of titanium and are highly resistant to cavitation forces, but they still show some wear with prolonged use. The probe length is therefore determined automatically by the processor and the frequency is adjusted to re-establish optimum output conditions. This is a unique feature of LABSONIC ultrasonic homogenisers as well and enables longer usage of the sonotrodes. LABSONIC M is a convenient, handheld instrument that allows fast sonication with a maximum of 100 W output. The application range is between 10 µl with the 0,5 mm diameter probe and 750 ml maximum. Using a flow cell, even larger samples can be processed. LABSONIC P is a high power instrument with a maximum output of 400 W, that allows sample processing up to 4 L, or even 50 L/hr using a flow cell. Organisms resistant to many treatments, such as pichia pastoris, can be reliably disintegrated. The working frequency of both models is well above hearing level to protect users.


Line voltage
115 V
Line frequency
60 Hertz
400 W
Dimensions (WxDxH)
280 x 135 x 195 mm
3,8 kg
Protection type
Connection for Timer
Protection class
Max. ambient temperature
5 - 40 °C
Ultrasonic frequency
24 KHz
T8 A
Relative humidity
10 - 90 % non-condensing


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