1-14 Uncooled Centrifuge

1-14 Uncooled Centrifuge

Brand : Sartorius

Microcentrifuge, uncooled, up to 14,800 rpm, max. 24 x 2.2 ml


SIGMA‘S newly developed high speed desktop centrifuge 1-14 is ideally suited for sedimentation in 0.2 ml through 2.2 ml micro tubes. The large display allows high legibility of the values for speed, relative centrifugal force and running time. The setting of these parameters is done quickly and simply with push buttons. The SIGMA 1-14 operates smoothly and quietly.


  • Large capacity (24 + 1.5 – 2.2 ml tubes)
  • Top speed of 14,800 rpm, very high relative centrifugal force of 2 – 16.163 + g
  • Bright display offers good legibility; choice of rpm | RCF
  • Simple, direct operation using push buttons
  • Short-Run, Soft-Start and Soft-Stop – the only one to offer this feature in its class
  • Large selection of polypropylene or aluminium rotors
  • Air cooling ensures minimal temperature increase of samples in the rotor bowl


Power consumption
95 W
Max. capacity 14 x 2.2 ml
Max. Speed (rpm) 14800
Min. Speed (rpm) 200
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 176 x 266 x 212 mm
Weight without rotor (kg) 6
Kinetic Energy max. (Nm) 1721
Max. Acceleration Rotor 12092 (Sec)
Max. Acceleration Rotor  12084 (Sec) 20
Max. Deceleration Rotor 12902 (Sec) 11
Max. Deceleration Rotor 12084 (Sec) 14


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