BS-Series Shaking and Heating Baths

BS-Series Shaking and Heating Baths

Brand : Medline

Reciprocal shaking heating baths.

BS series features a more accurate rapid shaking thanks to the noiseless and anti-vibration Brushless DC motor. The constant temperature performance keeps samples incubated, ideal for DNA, tissue, or cell culture applications.


Shaking and Heating Baths

Operational Features

  • +5 C above room temperature to 100 C
  • Microprocess PID control/ built-in calibration
  • Digital timer: 1 in to 99 hr 59 min, delayed ON/OFF.
  • Independent over-temperature limiter.
  • Digital LED display

Constructional Features

  • Shalker mechanism has its own control keys, so the unti can be used as constant temperature baths.
  • Gently start shaking to minimize shock to the test sample
  • Multi-LED display for adjusting actual value setpoint temperatures and shaking frequency.
  • Baffle plate screens circulator, heater, and sensor to minimize turbulence in the bath fluid and to protect the sample and the user from direct contact with the bath fluid.
  • Included bath coover prevents liquid losses, the gable type roof ensures no dripping into the test sample directly.
  • Included SUS 304 spring wire rack consists double column for various setting of glassware.



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