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New Product Launch - The Contego
Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The ContgeoThe Contego is the groundbreaking new weighing solution for hygienic applications constrainer.

 An innovative solution from Sartorius is improving cleanability in process weighing technology

The casing is a sleeve made from FDA-compliant special silicone and offers the highest levels of hygienic security. It is connected to the head and base plates through a special seal geometry. This avoids the formation of gaps which can cause contamination. This protective casing also has high chemical resistance to most cleaning agents.

In order that it can be used with all installation solutions, the Contego® is available in two different versions. It is available with the cable outlet on the side or on the top and has an appropriately hygienic cable connection. Both load cell models are naturally available as an explosion proof version suitable for use in potentially explosive areas.

The Contego® expands the hygienically optimised product range from Sartorius for the lower load range, for use in particular in the pharmaceutical industry. It saves costs in the design phase and time during commissioning, and offers the user a weighing solution with unique hygiene properties.

Maintaining hygiene is particularly essential in the food and pharmaceutical industries. In these fields, the challenge for weighing solutions of achieving precise measurement results with simultaneous implementation of hygiene criteria in the design is therefore greatest.

For small to medium-sized process vessels, there is a completely new and innovative solution from Sartorius, which will bring groundbreaking changes to hygienic process vessel weighing. It combines the load cell and mounting kit in one module, is EHEDG-certified and designed for process vessels with a total load of 100 kg – 8 t. The "Contego®" is easily installed under the foot of the process vessel, which means that a separate structure is not necessary. The small diameter of just 168 mm means that elegant and space-saving installation solutions can also be achieved.

The head plate and base plate are made of stainless steel 1.4404. They protect all central components against corrosion and ensure an extremely hygienic and stable solution for attachment to the process vessel and base element. For simple and correct lifting or lowering of the process vessel during maintenance work, the Contego® offers an integrated jack-up function, which means it is not necessary to use additional tools. As a special element for securing the process vessel, this weighing solution has an integrated lift-off protector and a